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A Brief Overview of Hydraulic Cylinder Seal

Friday , 29, January 2021 Comments Off on A Brief Overview of Hydraulic Cylinder Seal

Hydraulic seals are the most important devices of mechanical machines. Each industrial sector runs hydraulic applications such as flight landing wheels, combustion machines and so on, and needs this seal to perform special functions.

This seal is made up of two types of material one is polyurethane and another one is rubber. The use of these ingredients mandates a specific number of heat or pressure, the ideal seal will undergo when used.

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(Also known as “ ซีลไฮดรอลิกเรียกดู the Thai Language).

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In addition, there are various seals available in the market and everything is used depending on the critical parameters and operating intensity such as pressure, temperature, vibration, load, corrosive, caustic fluid, and more. 

Some different types are symmetrical, rod, wiper, piston, wearing rings and bearings, head seals, and o-ring. The first under this section is the rod seal. This seal is specifically designed to fit the rights of housing. The second type is a piston seal. This is a variation of the rod seal. 

The lip is connected with a bore housing, instead of connecting with the axis. It is carefully pressed in the shaft mechanism.Even so, the other type of sealing orientation is axial seal and symmetrical seal. 

Symmetrical seal is the same as the piston and rod, whereas, the axial seal is connected on the axis with housing components.