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A Guide To Crawler Cranes

Wednesday , 28, July 2021 Comments Off on A Guide To Crawler Cranes

Stepping out onto a site in the early morning mist, one cannot help but raise their eyes and see the towering metal giant. Like most heavy machinery, the crawler crane has been designed to handle very specific tasks. While each piece of machinery is imperative to a large building project, the crawler crane has become the symbol of the site. 

A crawler crane is a crane mounted on a set of moving tracks or crawlers. The stable design allows crawler crane spares to be attached and heavy loads to be hoisted hundreds of feet into the air. Derricks can be added for height and is what this crane is recognized for – especially by those not in construction.

It is capable of lifting anywhere from 40 to 3500 short tons of material. This makes its contribution to a project not only necessary but time-saving. A well-trained crane operating crew can hoist or move loads with astonishing accuracy. 

Crawler cranes cannot be purchased when needed due to its cost factor, only some special companies have one. However, there are distributors such as of crawler cranes available.  

The crane can also be outfitted with a variety of crawler crane parts including clamshells, hooks, ram short hooks, grabs, and a host of other task-specific accessories. This makes the mighty crane a useful and versatile piece of equipment. 

The history of the crawler goes back exactly one hundred years. Muscle, strength, and working mechanical knowledge were all needed to properly operate the newcomer on the site.

Engines composed entirely of large gears clunking along have been modified to fit into a technologically advancing society. Certain models today even have hydraulic engines. Accuracy and efficiency have marked its progress and it continues to make a large contribution to the world of construction.