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All About Forklift Tyres

Tuesday , 23, February 2021 Comments Off on All About Forklift Tyres

Forklift tires are one of the most important parts of the forklift, as they are what keep the forklift running smoothly along the ground. There are many different kinds you can find, and they each have a specialized use. 

In order to know what type of tyres you need for your forklift, you can contact forklift tyres suppliers in Singapore to solve this problem for you and they also have a wide variety of tyres for different purposes. 

Types Of Tyres

Cushion Tyres : 

They are made from solid rubber and are usually optimal for indoor usage. Cushion forklifts use a press-on tyre that is made with a metal band insides and rubber on the outside.

Many cushions will have a safety bar on its sidewall that will show when your tyre is worn down and needs replacing. 

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Pneumatic air and solid forklift tyres

Pneumatic tyres are made with durable rubber for outdoor and uneven terrain. Pneumatic forklift tires come in two types: inflated with compressed air and solid pneumatic tyres.

The benefit of air filled pneumatic tyres is that it will extend the life of your forklift because of the extra cushion they provide. For solid pneumatic forklift tyres they are ideal for use in recycling centers where there may be nails and glass on the surface.

Polyurethane forklift tyres

These tyres are made for warehouse and indoor use only, having these tires on will result in a gain in traction on a smooth surface. Polyurethane tyres are ideal for electric forklifts and are becoming more common because of their ability to carry a higher capacity than rubber tyres.

In order to ensure that you select the correct tyre for a forklift, it is vital that you examine the purpose of your forklift.