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Bust Statues Bring Your Home Into Focus

Tuesday , 30, November 2021 Comments Off on Bust Statues Bring Your Home Into Focus

The large statue in the park really improves the atmosphere of your property by adding a touch of magic and exotic to your outer living room. Give your garden a quiet picture as a place of peace and rest with a bust of Abraham Lincoln.

You can choose a full size bust placed on a large pillar. Beautiful carvings and calm facial expressions will be a soothing focus for your garden. Cast Stone is a very good material choice for this type of statue. When finished with Patina applied by hand, it will have an antique appearance. 

These types of sculptures look best with resin wall fountains. This finish weathers naturally from time to time and is perfect for all types of climate. The size of your garden and drawing plans before you buy a large statue. This will allow you to see the entire park to decide the best place for the statue. 

If you have a large garden, you can consider having a few statues, but you just have to consider having one statue in a small area. Too many statues in small spaces will be too strong and will reduce the beauty of the park itself. You also have to make sure that plants and growing bushes don't hide the statue.