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Defending Against Domestic Assault in Toronto

Friday , 9, July 2021 Comments Off on Defending Against Domestic Assault in Toronto

Domestic assault is a class misdemeanor in Toronto that can lead to up to 11 months imprisonment and 29 days in prison. This is the most serious misdemeanor in Toronto, although it does not carry a felony. 

It is defined in law as an assault against a victim of domestic abuse. Although the definition of a domestic abuse victim is not always clear-cut, it usually includes those who are related by blood, marriage, or who have had a relationship. 

Anyone can face domestic assault even from someone's family. This could be an inlaw, distant relative, boyfriend, or girlfriend. A domestic assault lawyers can help you by providing conviction for domestic violence to the accused. 

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He/she can face severe consequences for a person's job prospects, reputation, and overall well-being. You need to understand your rights and the best way to resolve the case if you are charged with domestic violence in Toronto.

Law allows police to arrest anyone who is believed to have committed domestic violence if they have probable cause. A warrantless arrest for a misdemeanor must be made in the presence of the officer.

However, domestic violence is exempt from this requirement. If the police have probable cause to arrest an individual for domestic assault, they can do so without a warrant or having seen the offense.