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Difference between Infant Seats And Convertible Car Seats?

Monday , 28, March 2022 Comments Off on Difference between Infant Seats And Convertible Car Seats?

Car seats are essential for the safety of your children. There are two types of car seats available on the market, infant seats and convertible car seats. Both serve the purpose well, but still, parents should know which type of seat they should buy.

Infant Seats – These seats are very popular for parents of new babies. These seats are mounted on a base that is installed on your vehicle and can only be used rear-facing. Parents can easily remove these seats with a click of a button. Parents can also use these seats to carry their babies from and to the car. Infant seats are often sold as a part of the travel system, which also includes a stroller. When using infant seats, parents should keep in mind not to remove the babies from the seats until they reach the destination.

Convertible Car Seats – These are different from infant seats, as these are used rear-facing for the initial years of a child’s life and then can be switched to forward-facing. The children should sit in the rear-facing position until he/she reaches max rear-facing height and weight limit. These seats can be installed without a base, which means, babies sitting in these seats must be carried to and from the vehicle after each use. If you’re interested in buying a convertible car seat, then you can easily do so by going through reviews of best convertible car seats by consumer reports. It is easy to buy a product if you already have a list of bestsellers.