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Essential Oils: Uses and Benefits

Friday , 11, September 2020 Comments Off on Essential Oils: Uses and Benefits

Essential oils help restore feelings of peace, balance, and happiness, as well as increase hormonal and emotional stability, whether used in diffusers, potpourri, candles, soothing bath mixtures, massages, cosmetic treatments, or to inhale steam.

Essential oils can clean the home through physical and air application and fight harmful bacteria when used in cleaning products such as sprays, scented candles, or potpourri. You can purchase essential oils online via santacruzbetterbody.

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Multi-functional essential oils like lemon can treat a variety of household problems such as mold and mildew, build-up of dust, sticky or greasy spills, and dirty air. Used in dilutions, it can be paint for floors, powder sprays, or glass and mirror cleaners which serve as an effective non-toxic solution.

Essential oils can help alleviate the suffering of people with sleep or sleep disturbances by increasing feelings of calm and mental and physical relaxation that cause drowsiness.

Oils such as rose, lavender, and ylang-ylang, which have refreshing and soothing properties to fight dark moods, and can be added to a warm bath for a pre-bed soak. A few drops of this oil or other relaxing oil can also be applied to the sheet as a pillowcase so that the aroma can be dissolved and inhaled throughout the night.

Essential oils have traditionally been used to fight cold and flu symptoms by inhibiting the growth and spread of bacteria, thereby boosting immunity. Some are strong enough for prevention due to their antibacterial properties. When diluted appropriately, it can be used to make antimicrobial air fresheners to prevent the spread of microbes in the air.