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Finding Your Identity Through Life Coach in Sydney

Thursday , 5, November 2020 Comments Off on Finding Your Identity Through Life Coach in Sydney

Have you ever admired someone who you thought had it all together? She believes in herself, knows who she is and where she is going? Can you say this about yourself? If not you can get help in finding your identity through life coaching. You can hire Phuong Phan – Success life Coach , to learn how to develop yourself from the inside out.

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When you have a strong foundation your will be able to handle the challenges in life by making better decisions and being strong. Survival of the fittest still reigns today. To be personally strong you have to have a core identity and increase your wisdom. This is where life coaching can help.

A life coach will direct you to list your needs. These are the things you must have in order to function. It is important that you are able to identify these needs as they both consciously and unconsciously drive your decisions. Begin by listing the top five personal needs you have. For each need that you list write down the type of energy that the need produces and how your life would be if the need were permanently met.

After listing your personal needs you should then list your unmet needs. Create a pyramid when you list your needs placing the focus on the top of the pyramid. Your core values are intrinsic in nature. Core values are sustained over your lifetime and are not based on what others think or want. When you fulfill your needs the result will be gratification and fulfillment and your life becomes simpler.