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Fun Facts About The Chinese Dumpling

Wednesday , 4, May 2022 Comments Off on Fun Facts About The Chinese Dumpling

Wonton, also known as Chinese dumplings is a popular staple food in China. Cantonese speaking, I'm proud to say that Wonton is derived from Cantonese and not Mandarin. 

Yummy Asian chicken dumplings were probably introduced to the West by the early settlers from Chinatown, who primarily came from Cantonese-speaking coastal areas in Southern China.

Chinese Dumplings

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Wonton is a Chinese word that means "swimming clouds". You may be familiar with Chinese art and notice that the wonton floating in broth resembles the traditional Chinese "spiral cloud motif" in handicrafts. One example is the Torch for Beijing Olympics, also known as the "Lucky Cloud Torch", in Chinese.

Cantonese Wonton: A yellow wrap made from flour and eggs is used to cover the Cantonese wonton. It's usually filled with minced pork or shrimp. Egg noodles are thin, chewy, almost rubber-band-like noodle that is commonly used in Southern China. The art of making the broth is a whole other matter. All the best wonton shops have their secrets to creating the soup base. However, it is generally believed that shrimp shells are a key ingredient.

Shanghainese Wonton: It is a type of Chinese dumpling that has a thicker, whiter wrap (made only from flour) and a filling consisting of minced pork and Shanghainese Bok Choy. Some variations include spring onions and chopped leeks. The soup base is made by mixing soy sauce, water, and some seasoning. This is mostly done to add color to the bland white soup.

Sichuan Wonton: It is also known as "Chao Shou", which means "crossed hands". They have a white wrap that is relatively thick. Chao Shou, like all Sichuan dishes, is boiled and served with a very spicy sauce.