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Golf Clubs For Juniors in Cumberland

Saturday , 27, March 2021 Comments Off on Golf Clubs For Juniors in Cumberland

Alright, your kids are interested in trying golf and you are excited. You have got an old set of clubs in the garage and are planning to 'cut' them down to size for them. Save yourself and keep from ruining their first golf experience by stopping yourself. Here is a shortlist of reasons why you should invest in a set of junior golf clubs for them, especially if they are serious about playing.

First, kids lack the strength and muscle development to handle a heavy golf club with a steel shaft. Your old clubs are probably twice the weight a kid can handle, and when you cut down the shaft it amplifies the problems. Another physical problem is that their hands aren't big enough to wrap around a men's golf club.

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Imagine swinging a club with a grip as big as a Christmas wrapping paper tube – that's an exaggeration but you get the point that those grips will be too big for them. Modern kid's golf clubs, like the junior set from Callaway Golf, are designed with small grips so your junior golfer can hold the club properly. This is a key fundamental, and it will be important for them to start their lifetime of golfing with sound fundamentals.

The second important point for junior golf clubs is that the shaft flex is critical for kids to hit the ball up into the air. The steel shafts simply are not flexible enough for the slow swing speed of a junior golfer. They require a very flexible shaft to increase the clubhead speed and help them hit higher and longer golf shots.

Let's face it; golf is much more fun when your shots are flying high and far. They will be more likely to enjoy golf and stick to it if they have junior golf clubs suited to their body size.

Give them heavy and oversized clubs to try and they probably will struggle to hit the ball in the air, likely getting turned off to golf altogether. Most of the kid's golf sets have an age-based size system with a set for each age range. Nike Golf and Wilson Golf are two junior golf club manufacturers with a good selection of club sizes.