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How are corns on the foot treated?

Thursday , 22, July 2021 Comments Off on How are corns on the foot treated?

Corns on the foot are due to too much pressure on that area of skin where the corn is. To eliminate corns, all you need to do is remove that pressure which caused the corn. Its that simple. A corn or a callus is part of a process which your skin goes through to protect itself. Anytime there's an excessive amount of pressure on an area of skin, the skin thickens up to protect itself. However, if that pressure continues over a long time, then the skin becomes so thick that it is painful. In the event that pressure is spread over a larger area, then that is termed as a callus. If that pressure is over a smaller more focal location, then that's a corn. The causes of that greater pressure can be a number of things like a hammer toe, a bunion or a deformed joint. A proper evaluation is often necessary to establish just exactly what it is that is bringing about that higher pressure and just how easy it is to get rid of that increased pressure.

To get rid of corns totally, you need to eliminate the reason for them. A competent podiatrist can easily get rid of a callus and corn by meticulously debriding it using a scalpel. Nevertheless, that corn will return when the cause is not removed. They don't really return because the podiatrist failed to get rid of it thoroughly or for the reason that corn has roots (they don’t). They keep coming back for the reason that the pressure that caused them remains. That ought to be eliminated if the corns is to be prevented from re-occurring. The way that that pressure is taken away will depend on why you have the greater pressure. It might be as easy as finding a better fitting pair of footwear or it may be as complicated as requiring some surgery to fix the toe deformity that could be resulting in the pressure causing the corn.

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