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How Can Paraquat Damage A Person?

Tuesday , 2, November 2021 Comments Off on How Can Paraquat Damage A Person?

Parkinson's disease, a progressive brain disorder that can affect one's ability to move normally. By using or being exposed to Paraquat this disease can progress to affect cognitive abilities as well. Parkinson's disease causes initial tremors in the hands, poor posture, and slow movement. The disease may progress to the point where the patient is unable to walk or becomes rigid, unstable, and disorientated.

A consultation with a Paraquat attorney can help you get compensation for your medical expenses if you have Parkinson's disease and were exposed to the herbicide. You can also click here to find a Paraquat Parkinson's attorney.

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Parkinson's disease is technically caused by the death of brain cells in the substantia nigra area of the middle-brain. Dopamine production is reduced, and cell death can lead to loss of motor function. Paraquat administration in laboratory rats has been shown to cause the death of cells in substantia nigra.

Parkinson's disease is too severe to allow the continued use of herbicides. Parkinson's disease results in an economic burden for every year. A person living with Parkinson's spends a lot on their healthcare.

Because of the large number of Parkinson's sufferers who depend on programs such as Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security Disability Insurance, many of these costs impact the government.

Although Parkinson's disease has been studied for over 300 years, there are no objective or direct causes. The risk of developing the disease is reduced by smoking, which is surprising considering the extent of its prevalence.

Parkinson's disease is incurable. It is progressive and eventually fatal. Although there are treatments that can mask the symptoms, no cure has been found for brain tissue damage.