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How to make a cute guy love you?

Saturday , 24, October 2020 Comments Off on How to make a cute guy love you?

We can be pretty funny when we spot a really cute guy but we don't know how to turn the table around and make him feel like he's the only one who thought this date would be wonderful. Unless he tells you that he enjoys children or movies or some other very general time, you will be one of the first people to decline. Don't worry, those ideas, in the beginning, are lame.  Lucky for you this is not the type of paralyzing nerve damage that is the main avenue to taking the second date plunge.

make a guy love you

How does a blind date work?

A blind date is simply when you meet your partner for the first time without having any idea of who is. You basically have no idea who your partner is whatsoever. He could have all the qualities you have been searching for in a guy – or maybe all the none-of-the-above qualities too. Now the real test is how do you make him love you  on your first date But only you can determine how.

My point is…if you really want to be safe and Sunstorm the storm, at least do two things before making that crucial jump:

  • Do a little research

Do a little research, follow your gut instincts but don't let your head be the only one that thinks something is wrong. Use your head and your heart as well.

  • Find out different places to meet your date

 Set up a bunch of different "environments" where you can imagine being together. If it's a work environment, have lunch at a nearby Starbucks or sit at a small cafe to practice getting to know each other.

Practice is only a way of getting better and being comfortable together with your date. That's it, the rest of the courtship is geared up against that specific scenario. Better to play the game safe and learn your moves than to engage with the first guy that isn't what you wanted.


Be romantic but not snowy. Talk about your parents briefly, briefly, briefly, and then practice a casual conversation, a light touch on the hand to illustrate a point, a quirky sense of humor but not too much, and don't forget to check your breath.

Try and schedule the date and try to start it at a location with a laid-back atmosphere and attitude. For example, Going to a movie is nice but can't really give you a leg up with the conversation. You need to a find place where you two can talk and enjoy each other's company.

Getting your idea shouldn't be difficult but my final advice to you is to be respectful to your partner whether you like or not. Best of luck:)