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How To Remove Lipstick Stain From Carpet?

Friday , 7, May 2021 Comments Off on How To Remove Lipstick Stain From Carpet?

Amidst the stop and go of our active daily lives, it’s very difficult to keep carpets looking brand new. Food stains, dirt stains and cosmetics stains are often a part of daily life. But with some simple do-it-yourself techniques, COIT will show you how to remove lipstick from the carpet.

No one plans to get lipstick on your carpet, but unfortunately, it happens, right? When it does, there’s no need to panic. Follow the steps below to learn more about this do-it-yourself technique on how to remove makeup stains from your carpet.

remove lipstick from carpet

Like most stains you find on your carpet, it’s important to act as soon as you discover the stain. The sooner you can get to work, the better.

  1. With an old cloth, apply Goo Gone directly onto the lipstick stain and press into the carpet. When you’re removing lipstick from the carpet, Goo Gone is definitely handy to keep with your cleaning supplies.
  2. You’ll start to see the lipstick stain come off the carpet and onto the cloth. Keep repeating this until the cloth gradually beings to absorb the color. Dry cleaning fluid can also be used if Goo Gone isn’t something you have handy.
  3. Next, mix about ¼ cup of dish soap with warm water and fabric cleaner.
  4. Blot the stain with a rag soaked in this solution to remove any remaining lipstick stain. Using warm water is important when you’re wondering how to clean lipstick from the carpet.

The lipstick stain should lift off the carpet after you try this technique.