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How To Sharpen Your Cutlery Knives

Friday , 24, September 2021 Comments Off on How To Sharpen Your Cutlery Knives

Popular misconceptions commonly made when sharpening knives are uncontrolled bevel angles, lack of new edges, and leaving the bevel edge too rough. Choose the angle to sharpen your knife. Once you have an idea of the angle at which your knife will be sharpened, you will find that it is best to re-sharpen it at that angle.

If you're not sure about the right angle, check with the knife manufacturer or knife specialist about which angle is right for your knife. If you want to buy cutlery knives, you can click here.

If possible, use angle guides to control the angle of your edges. Otherwise, you will have to guess the right angle, which is difficult and requires good angle perception.

For an asymmetrical edge, sharpen the knife by sliding it over the greased stone in the opposite direction to which you will be moving to cut the thin layer of stone. This allows wrinkles to form and gives the stone a longer life.

Grind until you reach 50% above the shoulder of your knife. Don't worry, if it's not true, just guess. For single-sided edges ("Grind Scandium", "Grinding Chisel", etc.),

Switch to the other side of the bar and create a new edge; The easiest way to tell if you've removed enough metal is to sharpen until you lift a "burr," a feature that naturally forms in steel when one bevel is ground into another. 

Turn the blade over to the other side and sharpen the other side of the blade in the same way.