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Interesting Historical Facts about Plumbing

Saturday , 15, August 2020 Comments Off on Interesting Historical Facts about Plumbing

We all know the importance of water for all living organisms on earth, don’t we? Living organisms like humans to animals, insects to even micro-organisms require water to survive. For humans, we get water through various water channels allowing us to grow crops in the field, provide water for public baths, and more. Interestingly, the Chinese, Romans, Indians, Greeks, and Persians introduced the art of plumbing. In order to understand more about the art of plumbing, these historical facts should be known.

  1. The hot and cold running water concept was introduced many years ago by the Greeks. In fact, during the early Olympic games, the shower technology was introduced by the Greeks for the athletes competing during the event.
  2. For the production of first commercial plumbing pipes, straw and baked clay were used. However, even before that, the Egyptians produced plumbing pipes made out of copper wires. Moreover, they came with the art of digging water wells for storing.
  3. Queen Elizabeth, I received a weird gift from John Harrington. The gift was a flushable toilet where it is rumored that the queen would freak out due to the water-gushing sound it created every time when used.
  4. The first water channel to be built were the Romans for safe water travel from the mountains to the city.
  5. Patenting of the first modern toilet was carried out in the year 1775 famously introduced by Alexander Cumming.
  6. The first-ever valve-type flush toilet was invented by J.F Brondel introduced in the year 1738.

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