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It is unnecessary to spend a lot of money to give a space a new look. Whether you want to revamp your color scheme or bring festive happiness, Newport Decorative Pillows are an affordable and imaginative way to add a wow element to any area. Here are 5 designer suggestions for using colorful pillows to revitalize a room instantly:

  1. Patterns and textures can be mixed and matched.

Begin with a color that complements or matches the room’s dominant color. For example, if you’ve been following the gray-beige trend, you might want to explore a light rose or darker grey-beige shade. Then choose a set of modern decorative pillows with personality in terms of design or material. Next to a long, silky shag cushion and a velvet pillow, place a metallic mix patterned pillow. Throw in a spotlight cushion with a favorite quote or image to finish the look. The use of a consistent color palette and the mixing and matching of patterns and textures in decorative pillows may give your house a confident, elegant, and modern look.

  2. Make a Color Statement

Adding a bold selection of colorful decorative pillows to a room with a dominant color, such as white or grey, can instantly add a wow factor. Consider adding visually strong black and white striped accent pillows in a blue or white space. Combine a range of decorative cushions in various colors to transform your neutral grey-beige home into an energetic, cheerful one. When utilizing a range of colors, it’s best to keep the pillows the same size and form to let the colors speak for themselves.

  3. Mix and match different sizes and shapes.

Mix modern decorative pillows in various sizes and shapes over your bed, couch, or love seat to provide visual interest. The variation adds to the attraction and allows each accent pillow’s charm to shine through. It also gives a lively, witty, and creative character space. It usually adds flair to pick a range of patterns and textures when selecting decorative pillows of various sizes and shapes. You could wish to stick to one color or combine a few complementary hues. Just make sure the colors you choose are complementary to the rest of your room’s decor — or that you adjust your decor to fit your new pillows!

  4. Bring Nature’s Beauty Indoors

Modern decorative cushion designs provide a wide range of styles that capture and exhibit nature’s beauty. To capture the sense of character, combine floral pillows with green shag “grass” cushions and vivid patterns in greens and blues to create a tremendous earthy tone in a space. This decorative cushion looks great in a sunroom, reading room, or little corner nook to give everyone in the room a peaceful, friendly vibe.

  5. Incorporate a Pop of Color Among the Neutrals

Accent pillows provide you with a lot of creative freedom for decorating. You might choose to add a few or a lot and make it unique. Do you want to add a splash of color to your sofa or bed or make a statement? You might want to start with a few and gradually add more as you gain confidence in your choices and how they work together.


Have fun when it comes to employing decorative pillows as an interior design feature. Don’t be afraid to show off your personality. Newport decorative pillows are a simple and inexpensive way to freshen up your house.