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Options for Right Dental Filling in Portland

Thursday , 16, July 2020 Comments Off on Options for Right Dental Filling in Portland

While most people try to maintain good oral hygiene and reduce the incidence of consumption of sugar, there may be a need to have a dental filling to restore corrupted or damaged teeth.


To prevent tooth decay, it is recommended that you should floss at least once a day, brush your teeth twice a day, and limit the intake of sugar in the diet of most three times a day. Sugar comes in many different foods, such as fruits, processed foods, soft drinks and candy. If you are searching for the dental service in Portland then you can visit at

People who are at high risk of developing tooth decay should also consider the use of fluoride mouthwash or dental flosses high fluoride to reduce the risk of the development of tooth decay.

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Some dental filling material available today. They include amalgam, gold cast, tooth-coloured composite fillings and porcelain materials to name but a few are:

SILVER fillings (amalgam)

Dental amalgam is a mixture of liquid mercury and metal alloys that are used to fill cavities caused by tooth decay. Amalgam usually consisting of mercury, silver, tin, copper and other trace metals.

Many patients who have undergone dental filling amalgam at this time as part of their teeth apart from a variety of health problems and the threat posed by the presence in the composition of Mercury amalgam.