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Overview Of Bradford Point Calculator

Monday , 7, February 2022 Comments Off on Overview Of Bradford Point Calculator

Many organizations already include the Bradford Factor, an automated tool for managing absences. You can automatically monitor Bradford Factor scores, regardless of whether you're in HR or as an employee line manager.

The Bradford Factor can be used by your organization to monitor absenteeism over any period, usually a rolling twelve-month period. Active Absence can be set up to notify you when certain Bradford Factor scores have been reached. This will allow you to monitor absence according to your company policies. You can also use the Bradford points calculator through

Calculating Bradford Factor

You can calculate the Bradford Factor using the following formula:

SxSxD = B

  • S = spells for absences by an individual

  • D = Total number of days not used

  • The score for Bradford Factor B

What can the Bradford Factor do to help?

The Bradford Factor, when used effectively, can reduce absenteeism by acting as both a deterrent to persistent absenteeism and a method of tackling it. Research has shown that absenteeism can drop by more than 20% by regularly showing staff the Bradford Factor score and educating them about it.

Staff understanding that taking the odd day off here and there will quickly increase their Bradford Factor score is key. This can be a good financial decision for the company, as unplanned absences short term are often the most difficult to cover.

The Bradford Factor, in summary, illustrates the negative impact of short-term absence on a company. This is often a sign that employees are more positive once they understand it.