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Reasons To Get Dental Care With Your Local Dentist

Wednesday , 1, December 2021 Comments Off on Reasons To Get Dental Care With Your Local Dentist

There are many options for dental treatment that can be used to treat dental problems or injuries. For those who have lost one or several teeth due to an accident or have poor dental health, dental procedures can be used. 

People who want to preserve or maintain their dental health have many options with dental implantation. It's always a good idea to be familiar with the basics of any procedure that you are considering or want to have. Meet our Lihue dentists and know about how a dental implant procedure works.


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Visits to the dentist can help you to understand what is happening and what you can do to fix it. The dentist will examine your dental history and general dental health. The dentist will assess your jaw and jaw bone condition, locate the affected teeth and determine what precautions and steps are necessary to make the procedure successful.

The implant procedure can only begin if the jaw bone is in good health. If the jaw bone is not healthy, it will need to be grafted. Implants for dental purposes are made of titanium or zirconium. Once the jaw bone has been prepared, a suitable-sized incision will then be made to the gums. The dental implant will be placed into the jawbone under general anesthesia.

The healing process takes approximately 4-6 months. The next step in the dental implant process is completed at the next scheduled appointment with the cosmetic dentist. In another incision, a post will be made to support the tooth-resembling crown. The resting period for healing may take up to a week.

The final step is to fix the crown. A custom-made crown will be made by the dentist using an image of your teeth. As a final step in the entire dental implant process, this is attached to the post.