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Review About Grand Theft Auto IV

Saturday , 27, November 2021 Comments Off on Review About Grand Theft Auto IV

Few game franchises are as recognized and as successful as the Grand Theft Auto series. Ever since Grand Theft Auto 3 was released for the PlayStation 2, Rockstar has changed the face of gaming. Grand Theft Auto mod menus is a game that is synonymous with both controversy and fun. Rockstar proved itself to be capable of releasing hit after hit, which was shown after they released Vice City and San Andreas games that took Grand Theft Auto 3 and added so much more content.

Graphics and Sound:

Rockstar made Liberty City based on New York City. It's obvious that Rockstar put a lot of effort into making the city look as real as possible. The game features many locations that almost resemble New York City. 

It's still one the best games to immerse you in an interactive environment, even after a few years. GTA IV's sound quality is good. There are many sounds that you can hear. The gun sounds and voice acting are solid. I would have liked to hear more music. There isn't much music in GTA IV unless there's a radio station.

The controls in GTA IV are, for the most part, the same as the ones in the previous games. You can press triangle and steal a car, you have the ability to jump over ledges and climb things. You can punch and take out weapons and aim and fire them. However, GTA IV introduces some new elements into the mix.