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Roof Safety Tips for Facilities Managers

Saturday , 9, January 2021 Comments Off on Roof Safety Tips for Facilities Managers

Roof safety practices can be easy to overlook for building owners who aren’t dealing with the roof every day the way a roofing contractor would. Changes in the recent OSHA rules have brought the safety problem of the roof back to the front line. Many building owners don't know what are OSHA requirements. 

Keeping people safe on the roof need a work culture that respects OSHA requirements. Colleagues must pay attention and ensure everyone observes the requirements. Make sure you protect your crew on the roof and observe the safety requirements of OSHA with these tips.
Hatches and vent covers
The roof hatch support frames and automatic smoke ventilation sometimes has a transparent cover so that they can double as skylights. If your roof hatches are according to this description, recommend making sure it can handle impact in case someone falls onto the dome.
They look very good, they are beautiful from the inside and they let natural light in, but that area is extremely deadly. If you’re working on an HVAC system within 5 feet of a skylight, and you pull on something and suddenly lose your balance, you’re going through it.” Skylights should be covered with netting or cages to protect roof workers in case they fall on the skylight.
Soft deck
You may or may not be aware of soft spots in the roof deck. They’re caused by long-term water damage and can buckle when someone walks on them, creating the conditions for a fatal fall injury.