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Section 125 POP Plan Documents: The Penalties for Non-Compliance

Friday , 19, March 2021 Comments Off on Section 125 POP Plan Documents: The Penalties for Non-Compliance

Because many employers may be quite aware of now, the only premium plan (POP) or section 125 allows employee health insurance premiums to be deducted by the use of pre-tax dollars, resulting in substantial tax savings for both parties. Many small and medium businesses throughout the country have utilized this tax-saving size provided in Section 125 of the internal income service code.

The setting process and maintain a very simple plan if you choose to find professional help. But if you are one of the employers who happen it doesn't realize it or deliberately choose to ignore section 125 requirements for compliance with pop plans, be careful. You might be in serious consequences.

Sponsoring Section 125 The only premium plan does not only come with benefits but also documentation requirements. In this case, many employers may be suggested by their tax professionals, do not know where or how to start it accordingly, or they may have forgotten. You can get premium only plan compliance services at

3 Things to Know About Premium Only Plans

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For those who are included in one of these categories, punishment for non-compliance can be rigid, depending on the gravity of violations. The sentence is mentioned in the IRS 125 code section to enter the following:

  • A fine of up to $ 5,000 or prison for up to 1 year for intentional violations of the provisions of Erisa;
  • Fines of up to $ 10,000 and/or prison for up to 5 years to make a false statement or representation of the facts, knowing it's wrong, or for accidental non-disclosure of the facts needed by Erisa;
  • $ 110 / day penalty for failure to distribute a summary of plan descriptions or SPD to participants within 30 days of demand;
  • Labor department penalty (DOL) of $ 100 / day, up to a maximum of $ 1,000 if the SPD is requested and is not provided in 30 days.