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Stiff Neck Remedies – What to Do For a stiff neck

Thursday , 21, May 2020 Comments Off on Stiff Neck Remedies – What to Do For a stiff neck

No stiff neck remedies are as quick and effective as traditional Chinese self-massage and skin scraping. Anyone can learn how to perform the technique on them and others, such as the Chinese people have done for at least 2000 years.

Some people had a simple case of stiff neck over 1 or 2 days from sleeping the wrong way or from work or sports. Skin scraping may sound painful, even ridiculous to some people, but it is a very well known home remedy for stiff neck in China and other Asian countries.

Stiff Neck Remedies - What to Do For a stiff neck

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Acupuncture is certainly one of the best stiff neck remedies but you need a professional to do it and it can be costly at $50-$100 per treatment. Self-massage and skin friction is also neck pain stopped but the advantage they have over acupuncture is you can use it to treat yourself at no cost.

I have been using self-massage and skin friction twice on myself to stop severe neck pain of surfing. My neck was so stiff I could not go and I had to turn my whole body to see anything. A skin scraping sessions and 2 sessions of self-massage stop the pain completely.

Scratch the skin stop neck pain in the same way but instead of using your hands, such as in self-massage, using smooth, rounded edges of a Chinese soup spoon to scrape the skin and muscles of the neck and upper back.