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The Best Ways To Get Rid Of Rats In Melbourne

Sunday , 7, June 2020 Comments Off on The Best Ways To Get Rid Of Rats In Melbourne

photo of a rat

Image by zarzoso 

What is the easiest way to get rid of rats?

Rats can be a huge problem and anyone who has had this issue will be able to confirm this. Rats are naturally destructive for various reasons including their ability to chew through almost anything, horrendous smelling urine, and their uncanny ability to breed and infest anything and everything. As with most things, the best offence is a great defence. Let’s take a look at how to set up your home to prevent a rat infestation. Things we will consider are methods of repellent including, but not limited to, particular scents that ward off rats, as well as the possible costs of rat control services in Melbourne. 

Can I repel rats using a scent?

Some oils and other scents may help to repel rats. One such smell is ammonia. Ammonia can be used by either placing mothballs in the rat-preferred location or by placing ammonia and water in a glass in the area. This smell is extremely strong and toxic. 

Alternatively, for a less potentially fatal approach, cotton balls soaked in natural oils can work just as well. Oils to consider are peppermint, citronella and castor. If you don’t have cotton balls handy, you can also sprinkle the oil around the desired area.

photo of a rat near water

photo by Sergey Yeliseev

What is the Best Rat Repellent?

Research suggests that Peppermint Oil strategically placed around the affected area is the most effective way of repelling rats. However, where this is not a viable option, there are sprays that can be purchased that can deter rats. These sprays seem to be made up of a mixture of naturally occurring oils and scents. 

Lastly, ultrasonic devices emit sounds at frequencies only the rats and other pests and insects can hear. The downside of this, though, is that these mechanisms can be a bit pricy. However, I am sure that the cost of an ultrasonic device is low compared to the damage caused by rats or professional pest control services. 

How much does rat control cost in Melbourne?

On the note of the cost of pest control services, most pricing will be approximately in the same region. Accurate costing will require for a pest controller to attend your Melbourne home, inspect the affected area and provide a well-informed quote. 

Pricing on rat control costs for Melbourne range from $150 – $550 and is determined by the size of the building. This cost includes inspection and treatment. 

photo of a rat in the garden

photo by Airwolfhound


The easiest way to get rid of rats is to prevent them in the first place. Due to their incredibly sensitive sense of smell rats hate strong odours and therefore, you should consider this as your first line of defence. There are more expensive options such as ultrasonic devices but they have not yet proven to be equally or more effective.

Should you find yourself unable to prevent the rat infestation, professional pest control services may want to be considered. In this situation, you should be expected to outlay $150 – $550 for inspection and treatment.