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Tips to making an aluminium boat successfully

Friday , 11, March 2022 Comments Off on Tips to making an aluminium boat successfully

Boat Builders in Australia Aluminium

Creating a boat is a big achievement and an experience you won’t forget. A boat lets people come together and go to places where cars can’t go. There are some straight lines and high-level skills are required to make it. Following are some tips that will help you make your first boat.

Type of Aluminium

Do you know how many types of aluminium are there? Boats don’t only use the type available at a nearby metal store. Choose an aluminium which is marked with some grades like 5083 or 5086. It is essential to have a boat designer create a checklist for you and consider the items.

The 5*** series of aluminium has magnesium that helps provide high tensile strength, great welding, and workability. Besides, choosing the correct filler material is also essential. 5356 was particularly designed to work with the metal of this series.

Laser Cut vs Touter Table vs Waterjet

When designing the boat, always hire a professional to cut the material while choosing the right cut:

  • Laser: Quality or speed are not restricting factors in laser cutting, but the table size is. A big router can handle the problem.
  • Waterjet: It is a great option as most manufacturers own big machines to cut metal. However, the weld surface is filled with sand particles after the process. Grinding the edges before welding can solve the issue.
  • Router: Probably the best option as it involves large tables and lacks edge prep. However, you may still require some cleaning up.

The above tips will help you prepare your first aluminium boat. But if you find any difficulty, you can always buy a pre-built quality product from Aluminium Boat Builders in Australia.