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Types of Water Filters Purifiers

Sunday , 31, May 2020 Comments Off on Types of Water Filters Purifiers

Drinking sifted water rather than filtered water is more beneficial, less expensive, and to a lesser extent a weight on nature. Faucet water is amazingly perilous and causes different medical problems. Get a quality home water filter at

Types of water filters and purifiers for residential use:

1. Water filter pitcher: This is probably one of the most common types of water filters, thanks to its low cost and portability. Water filter pitchers are of low cost, can remove lots of chemicals and minerals in water, are portable and easy to use.

2. Faucet Water Filter: As its name suggests, this is a small device you install right on your faucet. It removes the contaminants in the water right before it comes out, leaving you with fresh water for cooking and washing.

3. Showerhead Filter: Similar to faucet filter, this is a device you install on your shower head to filter the water for your shower. Sometimes the filter comes with a shower head itself.

4. Countertop water filter: Countertop water filters are a slightly better choice when you want to purify your tap water without having to keep filling and emptying a jug. They are small devices connected to the faucet, purifying water as you turn the tap on. A countertop filter may sometimes come with its own faucet.

5. Under Sink Water Filter: An under-sink water filter is typically a water filtration system installed under the sink in your kitchen. It removes bacteria and pollutants, making the water safer to use.

6. Whole House Water Filter System: Whole house water filter systems are usually seen in households where tap water is not an option. They’re typically installed right at the water tank, connecting to the main pipe, purifying the water before it is distributed to different areas in the house.

These are a few types of water filters and their uses. Install any one in your home according to your requirements.