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Uses of Hydraulic Cylinder

Thursday , 1, July 2021 Comments Off on Uses of Hydraulic Cylinder

There are many great automatic systems that have been developed for years to make things operate more smoothly and efficiently. One of these components is a hydraulic cylinder. They produce unidirectional force through unidirectional stroke.

This device has many applications, especially in construction equipment. For more information about hydraulic cylinder, visit

(Also Known as “ กระบอกไฮดรอลิก เยี่ยมชม “ in the Thai Language).

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The following is a list of several examples where hydraulic cylinders are very valuable. The agricultural industry found value on this device. They are also used in attachments for tractors, hydraulic wood splitters and more.

Other industries that use this component for their machines are civil engineering. Excavators, bulldozers, trenches and attachments all have hydraulic cylinders.

The energy industry has found use for these components too. Hydroelectric station with gate control using a hydraulic cylinder. This cylinder makes it possible to open and close the gate to control the water flow.

Hydraulic cylinders are very valuable for mechanical engineering. They are used for automatic production lines, cutlery, forming machines, plastic forming machines, transportation devices and produce ecological equipment.

And finally, hydraulic cylinders are used in shipbuilding. They can be found in transportation equipment, in steering mechanisms, hoists and more.