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Ways To Beat Your Opponent In Words With Friends

Friday , 28, January 2022 Comments Off on Ways To Beat Your Opponent In Words With Friends

Words with Friends was a huge success in mobile gaming. Because it's almost identical to Scrabble, Words with Friends quickly becomes a household name. 

It is often called the "clone" of Scrabble. Many of its features are very similar to the classic word game. You can also win this game with the help of words with friends word makers .

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If you're like many people addicted to the game, then you probably have some key strategies for winning. Here are five keys to success when playing Words with Friends. These strategies will hopefully help you win matches with others.

Defense Offense

This game requires you to be able to play both defensively and offensively. Your opponent must be protected when he or she branches out letters on the board. Your opponent must not have a chance of landing on the bonus square.

Maximize Values from the Triple and Double Letter Squares

You can add a letter to make a word if you see a double- or triple-square above a word. If you place a letter in a bonus area and create a new word, it will increase your points. To maximize your points, make sure you use it with another word.

Use the Triple Word Block and Double Word Combo

You should aim for the double-word blocks located near the boards' sides. You can double your score if you hit it. Let's say your word score is 10. You can score 40 points if you land on a double-word combination. For more points, you can aim for a triple-word block.