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What Is A Marine VHF Radio?

Friday , 5, June 2020 Comments Off on What Is A Marine VHF Radio?

The VHF stands for very high frequency, which means the radio is allowed to transmit over long distances at good quality. Your marine VHF radio can come in a fixed or portable unit to fit your boating needs. 

The fixed radios are most popular simply because they have a better power supply, reach further distances, and come with more buttons and features. If you’re looking for more information about marine VHF radio, you can check here now.

Marine VHF Radio

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However, the portable, walkie-talkie like radios are great for rescues boats that have no place for a fixed unit. If you are only a casual boater, a simple portable unit will work just fine. The fixed units are mainly intended for fishing and transport vessels that need constant contact.

Communication through a marine VHF radio should be on a need to basis only. These radios are not for gossip or casual chatter as they are intended for emergencies and important contact. If the Coast Guard hears you using profanity or abusing the guidelines for radio communication.

If you are in an emergency, channel 16 is the international distress channel to use. Your location is also important to the Coast Guard as they will need to know where and how to find you. Even though these radios can be used on recreational boats, they are not recreational toys.