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What is Flameless Ventilation?

Monday , 17, January 2022 Comments Off on What is Flameless Ventilation?

Flameless ventilation is used to extinguish the fire from a ventilated explosion without the use of expensive ducts, equipment location restrictions, or more expensive explosion protection.

"Fireless ventilation" is the ideal form of explosion protection. Especially if the technology zone located inside does not have means of ventilation to the external safe zone. Flame retardant vents provide an outlet for blast pressure similar to traditional vents. You can also get in touch with a company for flameless venting installation services.

"Fireless ventilation" prevents fire and dust particles from escaping from the housing or any workplace, which is extinguished on-site by the grid cartridge. This form of fireless ventilation is very effective in preventing secondary fire and secondary explosion hazards. In this case, neighboring people and/or machines will be seriously threatened.

Coopatex supplies optimized fire retardants that fit tight production facilities, reducing the cost and time to relocate installations. They not only offer an extensive range of sizes and capabilities which are all ATEX certified but also design your protection as per EN 14491.

The vented equipment is connected to other parts of the process by piping. Although the vent plate reduces the pressure, its spread can be reversed through the pipe. To do this, explosion isolation of ductwork should always go hand in hand with explosion venting.