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What is Permanent Makeup Microblading

Tuesday , 13, September 2022 Comments Off on What is Permanent Makeup Microblading

Permanent Makeup Microblading is a new form of makeup that uses a small, sharp blade to create a series of delicate lines on the face. 

Permanent makeup microblading can be used to add depth and definition to your eyebrows, eyelashes, and even lips.

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Options for aftercare and maintenance on your artwork

First and foremost, always remember to take care of your skin! Apply sunscreen whenever you're out in the sun, and avoid wearing tight clothing that could cause irritation. 

Additionally, make sure to keep your artwork clean! Use a gentle cleanser and water to wipe away any pigment build-up or oils. 

Finally, be sure to apply an aftercare product every night before bed.

Types of Drawings Permanent Makeup Microblading

Traditional Brows: First, determine the shape of your brows by drawing them on paper. Next, use a pencil to fill in the outline of your brows.

Finally, use an eyebrow brush to apply an eyebrow cream to the bristles and blend it into the hairs around your brows. Let the cream set for at least 30 minutes before applying permanent makeup microblading pigment.

Feather Strokes: To create feather strokes use a thin brush to pick up small amounts of pigment and draw light lines across the top of your hairline.