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Why Do You Need Grease Trap Cleaning?

Thursday , 9, June 2022 Comments Off on Why Do You Need Grease Trap Cleaning?

Grease is produced in every kitchen on the planet. Every cook and kitchen staff member must deal with their grease trap daily, whether they are grilling burgers, cooking steaks, or frying vegetables in oils.

After many months spent scraping and spraying and washing, it can become easy to forget how crucial this simple job is to the overall achievement of your eatery. You can also get more information about Grease trap washing in Auckland online.

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In this regard here are some reminders of the importance of cleaning grease traps:

the trap is designed to catch grease before it reaches the drainage system. Due to its consistency, the oils and fats don't drain properly within a liquid drainage system. 

First of all, the drain could be blocked. In the event of this, the kitchen will be cleaned difficult till the drainage is clear. 

Oils and fats are extremely difficult to get out of the pipe. It can take the plumber quite a while to clear a major blockage.

The bigger issue is the possibility that the food items make it into the drain of your kitchen and the wastewater system. 

Cleaning the grease traps properly should be an integral aspect of maintaining your restaurant. The frequency that it has to occur is dependent on the quantity of food preparation that is being done every day.

As a minimum, the trap needs to be cleaned at least once every 90 days, but it should be checked more often.