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Why Folding Arm Awnings Add Function And Style To Your Home

Thursday , 25, February 2021 Comments Off on Why Folding Arm Awnings Add Function And Style To Your Home

If you are looking for a beautiful night attractive upgrade for your property at one that is going to keep you shaded in the warm weather and protected from the rain in the winter months folding arm awnings could be the best choice for you. If you don't know what folding arm awnings are or what types are available and how much they cost then keep reading to find out. 

image of a folding arm awning

Why Folding Arm Awnings Are Great

Folding arm awnings are great because they only provide shade for your Doors and windows from when you are sitting inside a room, but they also create great use for outdoor dining spaces and act as an extension of your roof. So you can enjoy some weather protection from inside the living room and also when you can walk out the door you can have shade from the sun and weather protection. Folding arm awnings add quite a piece of interest as they are architectural, functional and a fashionable accessory for your house. If you don't want any shade you can simply press a button and the folding arm awning retracts back to the outside wall. 

  • Keep You Shaded inside and outside your doors and windows.

  • The retractable arm neatly folds into the wall of your home.

  • Great for outdoor entertaining and dining.

  • Folding arm awnings are a modern and stylish addition for the outside of your home.

What Are The Options Available For Folding Arm Awnings?

There are three main options available for folding standard semi cassette and full cassette. When we talk about the different options we are referring to when they are retracted back into the wall. It is about the type of protection that the awning as when it is fully compacted back and retracted.

Standard or Open Cassette

The standard option also known as an open cassette is a good choice when you don't need to protect against the elements. This option is the most affordable option obviously due to the lack of extra construction involved. They are a good choice when there is an overhang or where there is some other type of protection against the environment.

Standard folding arm awning

Semi Cassette

This type of awning has a casing that protects only the top area. It helps protect against rain because of the casing. The lack of under casing can be an issue because water can still get inside and cause damage. This is why it is called a semi cassette. 

Semi Cassette folding arm awning

Full Cassette

This refers to the casing that the awning is packed into when retracted and the amount of protection there is. With a full cassette folding arm awning, the awning is completely protected from the weather and possible water and rain damage. This is the most expensive option for obvious reasons. 

Full Cassette folding arm awning


It is important to note that choosing the right folding arm awning is important because you don't want to destroy the awning due to deciding on the wrong type of awning. It is best to consult a blinds expert to ensure that the best possible option is chosen for your home.