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Why Should We Use The KJV Bible?

Thursday , 23, July 2020 Comments Off on Why Should We Use The KJV Bible?

Our church has agreed to stay for a long KJV Bible. English Bible is one of the most significant religious existences for the past few years. The results of the new translation have weakened the foundations of the spiritual and the message of the churches. The new version would not have been bigger than the old one. You can get more information about the historical timeline of Jesus via online sources.

Some Bible troubles because of the theological perspective of the translators. Revised Standard Version gave to the public as a work achieved in 1952 and the commission by the liberal National Council of Churches in particular.

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Most people do not know that most of the 100 new translations of the Bible do not interpret from the same Hebrew and Greek text that the KJV translators used. In the KJV, a common problem is the text is not a translation. 

At the end of 1800, the board of the British and American scholars began to revise the KJV Bible. And they have agreed that the Greek texts used in the New Testament that are used for the translation have a serious error. 

Although the text of the New Testament and it symbolizes being obtained by most Christians for generations. It was rejected because it conflicts with other older compositions. Most of the new version is an exact translation of the Greek text of the new to the board. This new text is very different from the original text.